Still alive. Spent a fun weekend at the

rhythm festival

in Bedford, serving burgers for whotheheckami. The smell of onions will vanish soon, really it will.

The weekend before that was a pleasant friday evening celebrating robert_jones‘ call to the bar, followed by an equally pleasant Saturday wandering around London. There isn’t much that beats waking up in a strange and beautiful building, strolling down to a park, spending the morning and afternoon in museums, then the evening sitting in a Samuel Smith pub in Soho, reading an exceptional book, and being almost totally undisturbed as I sat with a lot of wheat beer. After that I went along to Feeling Gloomy, which was pleasant but not as outstanding as I’d expected, in a fairly grotty venue, and too small to drift anonymously in. Between the weekends was a lot of time spent happily by myself, which is a big improvement over the socialising-to-not-be-alone that I’ve been doing so much of in recent months.

And generally? Life is good, my head is in a remarkably sorted-out state, and things are progressing. LJ is falling by the wayside a little, which is probably a Good Thing. With any luck I’ll be spending a bit more time by myself now; see you in a while.

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