mmmmmm….Library porn. [worksafe]

yes, other things are happening in my life. Briefly:

  • Still waiting for confirmation on a flat, but unless something goes wrong I’ll be heading to Warsaw within the next 10 days. Yes, it is all taking longer than planned
  • I’m trying to remember how to work without an office and people looking over my shoulder to check I’m doing something. I thought I’d got fairly good at it by my last year of university, but obviously not.
  • Currently staying in Manchester, with a couple of very close friends I’ve not seen much of this past year. It’s great to realise that we’re still getting on as well as ever, and that they still understand everything about everything. [This is Mike and Rachel, people probably only rachelfmb, fiona_kitty and smhwpf know, but who I’ve long wanted to somehow introduce to several of the rest of you]. Plus, they get points for living right above a very nice delicatessen.
  • the_alchemist‘s birthday weekend in Llanerchydol Hall in Welshpool was stunningly beautiful, and fully of equally beautiful, talented and generally great people.

A place for concordances

IntraText Digital Library: a project to create a digital library with concordances, statistics, and other useful things,based around some XML structure, worked out in immense detail, so that you can do whatever you like to the texts.

Would be so much better, though, if you could use all the tools on an entire corpus, rather than a single text. Or at least, it’d save on the pile of ad hoc scripts I end up using to work out what’s happening with chunks of sanskrit.


I hate the amount of pleasure I got from seeing Blair looking so hunted and powerless on this evenings news. I mean, I don’t


have any reason to personally hate him. But seeing the smugness gone is so satisfying – even if it’s only because he has worked out that he’ll survive longer by looking humble.

I feel as though I should be donig penance for thinking things like this.

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