Where I’m following AI news

Bracing against this year’s endless future-shock, I’ve still been maintaining my “Awesome Prompt Design” collection of links.

But when so much is happening day by day, it’s a struggle to keep any kind of perspective. So here are the sources I’ve been finding most useful for filtering the firehose:

  • Simon Willison has the perspective of a skilled programmer without an AI background. So his attempts to understand and explain things fit appropriately into my level of knowledge
  • Nick St. Pierre is pushing the boundaries of image- and now video- generation, especially good on AI. Best of all, he gives crystal-clear twitter-thread explanations of what he’s doing, in enough detail to follow along at home
  • Zvi Mowshowitz (thezvi) is smart and reads everything. Unfortunately he tends to also write everything, making his AI Roundups a challenge to get through
  • The Neuron is a bare-bones daily email covering the big releases

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