In case of emergency…procrastinate

The weekend is looking more and more like beautiful chaos. So, rather than trying to find some way of doing all the things I’ve said I would, I’ll spend my time here. Down with efficiency!

So…yesterday: Cyberia: shiny glowy uv thingies, dancing, talking (at a bop? good god!). And dressed-up people (matt in chains, sam in pink, kia in white, lauren in stripes, nina and rachel in hair: I’m going to have to find some clothes one day!). Most of the people I didn’t know were friends of my friends, which was odd but nice. As were they: necro_angel, whotheheckami, raggedy_man, you’re fantastic people. And daemongirl out of Oakham, and nina321 back in the real world. Happy, happy, happy!

Now I’m off on the bus to London for Per & Ali’s housewarming – a *completely* different set of lovely people. Dan is happy!

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snakes, waterpots, nibbana, and five minutes peace

A sweet little verse from the Therigatha:

I am freed, freed. I am well-freed

from my pestle, from my cheating husband, from making parasols, and

from my pot that smells like a water-snake. I shoo away passion and

suffering. I have gone to the foot of a tree, where I joyfully think

‘this is bliss’

Or, in Pali:

sumuttike sumuttikA sAdhu muttika mhi musalassa

ahiriko me chattakaM vA pi ukkhalikA me daLiddabhAvA ti

rAgan ca ahaM dosan ca vicchindanti viharAmi

sA rukkhamUlam upagamma aho sukhan ti sukhato jhAyAmi