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I’m not sure people quite believe me when I grumble about the long sentences in some of my set texts. So I thought I’d favour you all with a particularly fine example of the ridiculous sentence. Here’s a fine poetic account of the end of the day. Without full stops. And if you can make sense of the bits about the sandbank and the ivory crocodile, you’re doing better than the rest of us.

Describing sunset without full stops


Today’s achievements:

– turned up at the wrong time for my first supervision

– turned up in the wrong place for my second supervision

– bought a pad of paper. Failed to notice it was completely un-lined

– locked myself out of my house

And yet, feeling really really happy at the moment. Perhaps this means I should do idiotic things more often.


Wow. Wow. Wow.

Not just a lib-dem win in cambridge, but a majority of 4.300, a 19% rise in the Lib Dem vote – that’s incredible. And well worth staying up for.

I hope atreic, lavendersparkle and everyone else who’s been campaigning for Howarth feels suitably proud. Thank you all so much, for doing what the rest of us were too lazy and apathetic for.