Sentences I have enjoyed

Sentences I have enjoyed:

Mauritius, arguably Africa’s most successful economy, has outsourced its final court of appeal to Britain’s privy council, improving its reputation for rule of law and becoming a successful offshore financial centre in the process
–[How to create a city | Financial Times ]

We begin with a striking fact: The defendant’s face alone matters greatly for the judge’s jailing decision. In fact, an algorithm given only the pixels in the defendant’s mugshot accounts for up to half of the predictable variation.
–[Machine Learning as a Tool for Hypothesis Generation – Marginal REVOLUTION ]

apparently the salinity of our bodies matches that of primordial seas, so in a sense we never really left the oceans. Our micro-organic aquatic ancestors simply constructed meatbag spaceships with artificial life-support aquatic environments inside to explore beyond their oceanic home world.
–[Salt-Seeking ]

A banking system is a superposition of fraud and genius that interposes itself between investors and entrepreneurs
–[interfluidity » Why is finance so complex? ]

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