Links and Snippets, AI Edition

How to get GPT to take your existing documents and code into account, according to Simon Willison. You use something else as a first-pass search. That turns up a few relevant documents, which you feed into a GPT prompt and let it work its magic. GPT Index is a more systematic implementation of the same idea.

For a flickering moment, Deepmind released dramatron, a tool for collaborative AI/human scriptwriting. Then they almost immediately shuttered it, leaving nothing but vague PR.

FactGPT claims to be a GPT that’s aware of current events

Style2paints is a tool for colorizing line art. The new (not-yet-released) version has 2 gremlins inside. Dorothy is a good girl who will precisely follow your input sketch. Alice will try to make something good, regardless of how crappy your input sketch might be.

Links and Snippets

Geschwind Syndrome is a form of religion where you turn religious and can’t stop writing.

“We estimate that on average 10% of large publicly traded firms are committing securities fraud every year”. The approach is to look at former clients of Arthur Andersen, a big accounting firm which collapsed in scandal in 2022. The idea is that their former clients were more thoroughly examined by the new auditors, dredging up fraud which might otherwise have remained hidden. They find that two thirds of fraud is not detected.

A list of tech coops

Argument that if AI is going to conquer the world, interest rates will rise first