Trickle down

Number of Iraqis living on less than $1 per day:

14.4 million

(54% of the population)

Amount spent on Iraq war/occupation:

$14,000 per Iraqi

[sources: Cost is $378 billion spent by the US over 26.7 million Iraqis, income is from a UN report published last week. The UK has also spent something like £4.4 billion, but the government doesn’t admit exactly how much]


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Contact details

I’ve finally got round to updating my contact details post. It now has skype (danohuiginn), German mobile number and address, and even a PGP key for the paranoid and the geeky among you. Plus far too many IM accounts of various forms, of course.

Although it’s friends-locked, I’m mostly happy for the information there to be given out to anybody who isn’t obviously a spammer or a mass-murderer.

Prehistory of the readthrough

Alan Moore has written a great essay on the history of pornography. This snippet on Victorian dramas is particularly charming:

Pornographic playlets could be purchased, ranging from two-person dramas through to full ensemble pieces if the neighbours were agreeable. These publications came with sheet-music, so that if one of the participants were musically inclined then he or she could sit at the piano and provide a vigorous accompaniment to whatever activity was taking place upon the hearth-rug or the horsehair sofa. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous but I was told that by Malcolm McLaren and if you can’t trust Malcolm McLaren then whom can you trust?