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Plans for the week:

Tuesday: WUS

Wednesday: CAN meeting dinner with sam and sarah, free in the daytime

Thursday: department party, south asia party, activist barbeque. All at the same time.

Friday: My party (eep!)

Saturday: CUID/stop aids/etc garden party in the afternoon (or rocksoc picnic), then Rocksoc May Brawl

Sunday (19th): rocksoc punting in the afternoon. Evening would have been bounce, if I’d been organised enough to buy a ticket. But I wasn’t, so the evening is free

Monday: CUFS punting

Tuesday/wednesday: free so far

Thursday 23rd: Calling

mmmm…my life seems to involve lots of acronyms

Two things I wrote in my exam and you didn’t

Sanskrit set text exams. The good part about them is that the set texts are bonkers. Friday’s exam included two gems

1. ‘He treats like a ladle’

(this is an example of a word that doesn’t exist. But the idea seems to be that it doesn’t exist *only* because the sanskrit word for ‘ladle’ doesn’t end in an n, and not because you wouldn’t want to treat people like ladles. A word that does exist is ‘he becomes chain mail’, which might come in handy for the roleplayers among you)

2. ‘Next, he prays to the anthill’

(This is what it sounds like. It’s a ritual. Somebody prays to an anthill. This is considered normal, as far as I can tell)

There are two more set text papers on tuesday and wednesday. I strongly suspect they will include more ridiculousness.