Thyme and Slime

Great few days – as I keep saying, they always come in clumps. Lots of things I’d like to write about properly, but I know I never will. So I’ll jot them down here, and if you’re (un)lucky I might come back to some of them later…

Wild Thyme Cafe

was excellent, mainly becuase it was full of people I haven’t talked to nearly enough. Most of them don’t have livejournals, so I can’t point and giggle. The usual Cambridge small-worldness culminated in me being asked if I knew mjg59‘s girlfriend. There was also the joy of seeing lavendersparkle for the first time in 9 months or so; I just hope it wasn’t too unpleasant being the civil servant in a roomful of anarchists

Then I went off with writinghawk and Francis and emerged four hours later with a lot to think about. In brief, so I don’t forget:

  • Why so many geeks are big on civil liberties
  • Faith schools + ‘

    modular religion

    ‘ –> state-funded Summerhill
  • A bizarre horizontal tetris variant that I have no hope of ever describing
  • Links between Intentional Communities and Social Software
  • The Wireworld computer, a cellular automaton that must have taken a great deal of time for somebody to dream up. [


    : As Gareth points out below, the people behind this were David Moore, Mark Owen, and friends]
  • Collective fanboying of Chris Lightfoot, who is like Freakonomics only better, and should really be given a column somewhere
  • Why web services are bad news for open-source software

Before that,


was also very good fun; elixir-zero has already written about it. I’m getting to understand why some people don’t like it: the druggies, the over-pushy people, the falling-apart building, the 6am exhaustion. But none of those are really downsides for me personally – ymmv.

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