Sady Doyle on identifying with Sarah Palin

Sady Doyle is no fan of Sarah Palin, for obvious political reasons. And yet

Game Change

, a film about her catastrophic vice-presidential candidacy, leaves Doyle

“full-on, gut-level IDENTIFYING with the enemy

“. And that, even when the film itself is “

a big, steaming pile of disingenuous crap

“. Because Palin’s campaign is the story of somebody getting in over their head, realising that too late, and tearing themself apart in the attempt to escape or deal with a very public failure:

She commits historically evil acts because she’s lonely, and sad, and wants to be loved. It’s the worst, smallest, pettiest, most inexcusable excuse for evil you will ever hear. And most of the evil that I’ve witnessed, in my life, has been committed for the same reason.

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