Let’s start with one of those proverbially obscure, remote countries: Mongolia.

Did you notice the [political crisis]( there earlier this month? No, neither did I. The BBC’s narrative is: Prime Minister starts anti-corruption drive. The main party, the MPRP, pulls out of his government. There are protests in favour of the Prime Minister and his party. By the time the dust settles, we’ve all lost interest.

For general political commentary, Nathan at Registan has been [churning out Mongolia posts](, and his [ linklist]( points to some of the more interesting news coverage of Mongolia. [East Asia Watch]( has some posts about Mongolia, and [Shards of Mongolia]( has a lot more.

At NewEurasia, a [Mongolia blog]( got going in the past few days, and it’s going through the initial posting-splurge of any new blog. The author has the advantage of living in Mongolia, and he’s coming up with some interesting things.

Mongolia’s only non-government news TV station, Eagle TV, is [expanding broadcasting to 16 hours a day]( The man behind Eagle TV, Tom Terry, has his own [blog]( From that site, it looks like Eagle TV has a strong Christian slant, as Terry tries to bring to Mongolia “Faith and Freedom”. In his [book]( of the same title he argues, according to one Amazon reviewer, that “(Christian) faith and human freedom are so inextricably connected that no culture can for long have one without the other”. Well, I’d rather have missionary TV than no non-government media, and at least there are rumours of a second news station starting up in competition. Multiple news stations in a country with a population [under 3 million]( isn’t bad!

On more cultural topics, he talks about [attempts to reintroduce the traditional Mongolian script](, and about the [preservation of Buddhist artfacts](

The [Mongolian Matters]( blog has a series of posts on th idolisation of Genghis Khan: a Japanese film, Ulan Bator’s airport being renamed Chinggis Khaan. [Plans are even afoot]( to create a 40-metre statue of Genghis Khan on horseback, with a golden whip.

Places to look for more: [global voices]( links to the blogs, ( collects pretty pictures. There is a [Mongolian State News Agency]( Most of the [other]( [Mongolian]( [news websites]( just reprint stories from the international press. [The UB Post]( seems has substantially more original content.

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