Czech Republic

Next stop is a country I can’t help thinking of as Czechoslovakia – and yes, I understand I deserve a slap for that.

The [blogs]( and the [wires]( are talking about floods, floods and more floods. No doubt if Prague floods again we’ll see it on British TV. There’s plenty about bird flu as well; again something that gets international attention wherever it happens. News I would otherwise have missed is the [legalization of same-sex marriages](

There are a few English-language Czech blogs around, [mostly]( [personal]( [diaries]( [of]( [Prague residents]( – with all the holiday snaps and personal trivia that implies. [Gazing into the Abyss]( at least has a useful list of East European blogs, categorised by country.

[This blog]( is apparently part of a Prague city-guide website. It has frequent news updates, and [this charming excursion]( into exports of Czech children’s TV. Cartoon characters “Pat and Mat” have gained htemselves fansites in [Switzerland]( and [Japan](

Hmm….that country turned out a lot less interesting than Mongolia and South Korea, but nonetheless I think now is a good time to move my spodding somewhere else. Who knows, maybe I’ll return to stories from Prague some other day.

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