Links and Snippets, AI Edition

How to get GPT to take your existing documents and code into account, according to Simon Willison. You use something else as a first-pass search. That turns up a few relevant documents, which you feed into a GPT prompt and let it work its magic. GPT Index is a more systematic implementation of the same idea.

For a flickering moment, Deepmind released dramatron, a tool for collaborative AI/human scriptwriting. Then they almost immediately shuttered it, leaving nothing but vague PR.

FactGPT claims to be a GPT that’s aware of current events

Style2paints is a tool for colorizing line art. The new (not-yet-released) version has 2 gremlins inside. Dorothy is a good girl who will precisely follow your input sketch. Alice will try to make something good, regardless of how crappy your input sketch might be.

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