Some entirely unsurprising tech-world sexism

A while back, The Toast published a list of sexist comments aimed inflcited on women working in technology. What I find really sad is how utterly unsurprising this is. If anything, I would have expected it to be even worse:

“How did you learn to do all this?!”

The ancient Spider-Goddess Llorothaag came to me in a harrowing blood-soaked vision. In exchange for perpetual servitude as her handmaiden, she imparted knowledge of IP subnetting.

“It’s not ‘P.C.’

to say this, but…”

Thank you for this helpful preface alerting me to the fact that I can spend the next thirty seconds fantasizing about

Star Trek

without missing anything important.

“It’s got to be a girlfriend-proof system.”

I picture an unruly mob of murderous girlfriends descending upon your Brooklyn apartment, seeking to sate their dark desire for living flesh. They scream and gibber as they prepare to devour all that lies within. You block the door with your home theater system. Thank god: it is girlfriend-proof.

“No, when I complain about ‘geek girls,’ I don’t mean you. You’re a



All attend! The Arbiter is speaking. In his wisdom, he can tell who is a

real geek

and who is


, and especially who is a



“But—you’re way too nice to be a lesbian!”

If the other lesbians that you’ve met have seemed like they were being assholes to you, I


have a theory as to why.

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