770 migrants died this year, trying to reach the EU

So far this year, 770 migrants have died trying to reach Europe, or trying to stay here.

That’s an underestimate.

The Migrants Files contains the details. It’s an attempt to track all the deaths associated with migration in(to) Europe. The details make for sobering reading:

  • 25 migrants were locked up in a cold store by their traffickers in Libya. 13 died.
  • The 27 survivors of a shipwreck said there were an additional 75 persons on board.
  • A migrant was shot at Calais. No other details were provided by the police.
  • Stowaway fell from the wheelbay on a plane to Zürich.

It goes on, and on — 2780 incidents stretching back to 2000. 25,000 dead.

And, aside from the occasional media fuss, we don’t care. We don’t even know the names of most of the victims, let alone the circumstances which drove them to risk their lives in transit. The deaths aren’t being tracked officially — this is a database put together by journalists, mianly from news reports.

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