Place names of Shetland and Orkney

Fitful Head, Tongue of Gangsta, The Trip

: Shetland and Orkney have some wonderful place names. Steve Goldman has done a wonderful job of collecting them.

Strange Maps picks out some of the best of them:

Somehow, the

Banks of Runabout

sounds vaguely like a critique of the financial sector. And the

White Stane of Willies

might as well have been mentioned in the lewd paragraph. The

Taing of the Busy

? That’s that faint ringing noise that gets inside your head when you’ve been up for 24 hours straight. Also known as the

Head of Work

. The

Knowes of Euro



Candle of Sneuk

? The

Riff of Wasbister

? We sort of know what half the name means. But how frustrating to have not even the glimmer of a clue about the

Neven o’ Grinni

, the

Sinians of Cutclaws

, the

Glifters of Lyrawa,

or the

Quilse of Hoganeap.

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