Who gets publicly excited about music?

People, I lack music.

My office in Berlin was in a bar, above rehearsal rooms, with an electro-heavy playlist constantly on the stereo. There was enough music around that I didn’t need to find my own. So, aside from the odd medicinal piece for a particular mood, I just soaked up whatever was in the air already.

My current office is more mundane: choose headphones, or choose silence. I can’t just sink into the emotional rhythm of other people’s music, so I need to create my own or let the entire day be identical.

Still, I’m not really asking for music recommendations. I really want to find

music journalists

. Or music blogers, music essayists, whatever.

I may draw the line at twitter

. Suggestions?

Ones I already like:

  • Simon Reynolds (despite his habit of concealing his articles across a dozen half-forgotten blogs)
  • Velvet Coalmine
  • K-punk,

    Splintering Bone Ashes, and the rest of the hauntology crowd. Though they’re more philosophy than music, and in any case seem mostly to have given up the ghost.
  • Sasha Frere-Jones (though I wish he were a bit less tastefully even-handed)

  • um…there most be some more? Right?

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