List of Libya/Arab solidarity demos

On Facebook, we’ve been compiling a list of demonstrations in support of the protests in the Arab world. This is the same information, for those without facebook

Please go to the list on facebook if possible — the version here will go out-of-date quickly.

MONDAY (21st)


Boston, MA – Libya


London, UK – Libyan Embassy

Cairo, Egypt – Libya!/SultanAlQassemi/status/39429405340082177

Manchester, UK – Libya

Berlin, Germany – Libya

Paris, France – Libya

Lyon, France – Libya

Brussels, Belgium – Libya


Sacramento, CA – Libya

Amman, Jordan – Libya

Seattle, WA – Libya

TUESDAY (22nd)


New York, US – Bahrain

London, UK – Libya (Libyan Embassy) (Downing Street)

Glasgow, UK – Arab Solidarity

Berlin, Germany – Libya

Bonn, Germany – Libya

Tunisia – Libya

Rabat, Morocco – Libya

Montreal, Canada

Melbourne, Australia

Alger, Algeria – Libya

Minneapolis, USA – Libya

Alexandria, Egypt – Libya



London, UK – Libyan Embassy

Geneva – Libya

New York, USA



London, UK – Libyan Embassy

FRIDAY (25th)


New York, US – Libya, Yemen & Bahrain

London, UK – (at Libyan embassy) (Bahrain embassy, to Libyan embassy, to Downing Street)

Nottingham, UK

4pm onwards, Old Market Square

Lake Eola, Orlando, USA

London, UK – Iran



London, UK – Iraq Reform Demo

Toronto, Canada – Libya

London, UK – Libyan Embassy

26th March


London, UK – Egypt

On Going


More lists of Libyan protests. (embassy protests)

Manchester, UK – Libya (daily protests)

Freeze Mubarak’s Assets

Human Rights for Libya

Bahrain Petition



Please be sure to post videos of any protests you attend.



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