Grant Morrison writes TV; frozen NYE leftovers; thanks

ooh, my turn to be a squeeing fanboy!

Grant Morrison

and [Paul McGuigan, whoever that is] are working on, I wouldn’t call it a secret project, but a project with

Stephen Fry

and it’s a thriller set in Scotland” [via warren ellis]

[somehow I appear not to have written about Morrison on LJ, and I’m not quite in the state of messianic frenzy I’d need to explain what

The Invisibles

has meant to me. But, er, this is very, very exciting]

Berlin is currently thawing. That is to say, we’re rediscovering strata of litter that have been buried under ice for weeks or even months. Particularly, a lot of used fireworks that have been there since New Year’s Eve. Everything’s not just filthy, but chronologically confused:)

Thanks so much for the comments on the last post. You’ve collectively reminded me that there are almost as many things to be inspired by as there are to be angry about.

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