Things to listen to

I mentioned that I spend a lot of time listening to spoken word recordings. I thought it might be nice to list some of the other places where I find good listening:

* [Democracy Now]( Amy Goodman must be one of the most hyperproductive activists out there, a throwback to the living-for-the-cause agitators of the 19th century. With a small team, she somehow puts together an hour-long tv/radio news broadcast every weekday. It’s campaigning journalism with production values to equal or better the mainstream media. I wish I could find a European equivalent of this; Democracy Now does a great job of picking up stories from around the world, but it’s really a USian affair.

* [In Our Time]( The best thing on Radio 4, Melvyn Bragg and a few academics holding a no-frills discussion on some topic they know inside-out. Shamelessly highbrow, and generally fascinating.

* [IT Conversations]( is a mixed bag. They collect (mainly) talks from computer conferences, and repackage them as podcasts. Both the content and the audio quality are very variable. Generally good are Moira Gun’s ‘[Tech nation](’ series, and anything recorded at an O’Reilly conference. [The white, male faces gracing most of their listings do tell a story — but mainly, I think, about the IT industry as a whole, rather than IT Conversations itself]

* [Here]( is my unsorted collection of nice things to listen to. Some good, some bad, some I never got round to playing.

I’ve also discovered that

The West Wing

works even better as an audio-only experience. If only it were financially viable to get Aaron Sorking writing radio plays!

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