legal metaphors

Does anybody else feel that some dubious legal/political metaphors get taken far too seriously? I’m thinking particularly of the social contract and corporate personhood. I mean, a society is a


like a contract, and a corporation is a


like a person – but only if you squint at them sideways and ignore the really fundamental ways that they aren’t. So why bother with the metaphors?

[no, this isn’t apropos of anything in particular. And yes, I realise I’m flinging ignorant accusations at Very Serious Thinkers – but it’s my LJ and I’ll snark if I want to]

Also, the LJ orgy has come round again. Entirely un-worksafe, obviously.

And, after several days of fretting, I’m coming to think that I’ll probably stay in Berlin. There are too many interesting people and places here, most of which I’ve barely got to know. Plus, it’s cheap.

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