Do any readthroughers (or others) have suggestions for short texts for a readthrough by mostly non-native English speakers? Either drama, or possibly poetry/prose (if it’s something that makes sense read aloud by a group). Ideally something that could cope with more or less participants (depending on who turns up), that has a German translation, and that could be done in one session.

[background: some friends have been running a project doing readings of short stories, etc. It’s been slightly underwhelming so far, and I’m trying to give it a kick up the proverbial. We’re looking at English mainly because it’s happening in a gallery where ~70% of the visitors are non-Germans – although if we can find texts short enough, we might try combining something in English and something in German into the same session]

Also, it may not be the worst thing we’ve done on Diego Garcia, but this is infuriating (if not 100% surprising).

the Central Intelligence Agency had confirmed using an American-operated airfield on the British island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean for refuelling two American rendition flights carrying terrorism suspects in 2002.

Also also: palmer1984 in particular, you might like Penny Red. Or rather: I like this far more than is reasonable, and want somebody else to confirm me in my irrationality.

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