LOL Bigots

Some of the funniest emails I receive come from the American Family Association, a conservative Christian group dedicated mainly to gay-bashing.

Well, gay-bashing comes second only to distributing ‘disgusting’, ‘offensive‘ soft gay porn. Which is what’s so endlessly funnly; it’s hard not to wonder how many of their readers are only subscribed because they want a peek at those god-forsaken hedonistic gays. So the average email contains something like:

Ford continued to show support for the homosexual agenda, running a full page ad in the Dec. 07 – Jan. 08 homosexual publication OUT!

The ad, for Ford’s Volvo brand, was adjacent to a photo of three men taking a shower together. To see the ad and the shower photo, click here.

(Warning! The photo is extremely graphic and offensive.)


To see all the behaviors covered by the term “sexual orientation,” please click here . Warning! This listing is offensive.

Their website is full of things like footage from Dallas gay pride (‘

WARNING! The video is highly offensive, but it is real footage from the actual parade.

‘), and a few of the offensive photos taken at the last Gay Games. Or they link to pictures from the Folsom Street Fair (hosted at, with warnings like:

By clicking the link below, you are agreeing to leave the American Family Association website to view disgusting photos of the Folsom Street Fair event. These photos are provided for verificatons purposes only. Click here to see the disgusting photos.

So I was disappointed that yesterday’s email, titled

New DVD! Homosexual Activists Take Control of City Government

, didn’t include any links to ‘graphic and offensive’ videos of orgies in Town Hall. Maybe we should make some?

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