Don’t leave your phone turned off….

…or you’ll miss the text message offering you a free Glastonbury ticket.


There probably won’t be a big Cambridge update – it’d be either dull or tasteless to write about most of it, and I can’t face working through all those lj-names. It was great, although I feel somewhat maudlin at the inevitable drifting-apart from friends who I now only see a few times a year. Obviously I need to be more extraverted in Berlin, and stop expecting Cambridge to be the same whenever I visit.

Still not sure exactly when I’m heading back to Berlin (a pox on logistics, laziness, disorganization and big business). I’m in Oakham for now, and probably too poor to go back to Cambridge or London. Should anybody feel a burning need to visit Oakham, there is a spare bed here – but the place is hardly bustling

Sorry to all the people I didn’t get to talk to much in Cambridge.

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