another happy update

Berlin still good.

I’m living in Kreuzberg, which is something like Berlin’s answer to Camden. This bar is a street away from me, and there are so, so many other great places nearby.

On karohemd‘s suggestion (thanks), I headed off to K17 on Friday. Start by imaging slimelight. Then take out most of the druggies, add in a floor of 80s goodness, reduce the price, get rid of the paranoia-inducing door policy, and tilt the gender balance to 75% female. Unfortunately, you also have to get rid of the 50p coffee and the pretty boys – despite being surrounded by stunning-looking women, the men seem to make no effort beyond putting on a clean t-shirt. Yes, I know I’m being hypocritical, but I feel like next time I’ll have to do the whole “daubing my face in inexpertly-applied black makeup” thing, just so *somebody* does.

There are other good things about Berlin – but the goth bits seemed easiest to translate for LJ.

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