23 skidoo

That was a fantastic Saturday, certainly the best social gathering I’ve been to in a long time. Now, what does it say about me that I find talking about pipeline coatings in Azerbaijan more interesting than talking about sex and booze?

Also, I turned 23 on Saturday, along with Fiona WINOLJ, just after the Dalai Lama and just before innocent_irony. Thanks to everybody who sent me stuff.

Currently being fascinated by this book about the Jesuits – they’ve been coming at me from enough angles and for enough years now that I feel I should have some vague idea about them. And, thanks to Mike, I’m craving this one, which manages to combine religion and mnemonic techniques and China. There are advantages to having insanely smart friends who’ve read every book ever, oh yes.

and mini-meh that my ability to write things continues to decline steadily. A few more years of this, and I’ll be posting thousand-word entries written entirely in txtspeak.

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