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This is a post that’s going to grow over time, as I find more things to add to it. It’s a list of useful places to pick up news and analysis of Eurasian politics:

South Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus, China and Russia.


[Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty]( is the bomb. So is [EurasiaNet](

[YaleGlobal]( doesn’t have much volume, but does have the ivy-league smarts.

[Eurasia Daily Monitor]( a firehose, but a good one.

Russian-language newspapers:[Kavkazweb](, [Day.AZ]( (Azerbaijan), [Yandex](, [Izvestia](, [Redtram]( (in English, French, Russian)

Others: [Power and Interest News Report](

##Think Tanks

[Institute for Public Policy]( (Kyrgyzstan)

[SIPRI](, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute,

##Central Asia general

[]( naturally enough centers on the Ferghana Valley.

[Central Asia – Caucasus Analyst]( – has been [criticised]( in several places, and I don’t know nearly enough to judge for myself.

##News by country


[New Eurasia]( has a list of news sites in the sidebar:


[UzReport]( – business-oriented news from Uzbekistan.


[]( is ‘China’s official gateway to news and information’. Then there is [Xinhua](, the state news agency.


[Institute for the Analysis of Global Security]( Neo-con writings on energy geopolitics, from a US-centric perspective. Include several reports on the former Soviet Union.

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