new people; exercise; grumbling

Firstly, hello to the pile of people I just friended – and sorry for not doing it sooner, since you’re mostly people I knew anyway. Don’t worry, there’s no reason for it beyond me being bored and wanting more things to read.

Secondly the `what I had for lunch’ bit. Every now and again, people say that exercise cheers you up, makes you sleep better, cures the evil eye, and so on. So. And although all my prejudices, gut feelings and memories of school say `flee’, there’s a part of my head that thinks anything is worth a shot. So I went along to the pool yesterday, and all was going well until I tried to remember the last time I went swimming. And the last time turned out to be three years ago, at perhaps 3am in a forest somewhere outside Moscow, back and forth over a decent-sized river, in a state of total drunken bliss. Which, apart from hardly being the best example of healthy exercise, was a good reminder that life can be interesting, but won’t be if I let myself stay in Cambridge in a dead-end job. So perhaps exercise has done me a bit of good after all.

I won’t mope about work here – it’s predictable, I’d have to friends-lock the post, and Jagex doesn’t deserve much vitriol. So I’ll skip it and make the third bit a grumble about my crapness in things non-work, and in particular my tendency to write things and then hide them. This is reaching stupid proportions: my collection of ‘notes I’ll do something with one day, honest’ is now enough to fill about three books, and I have almost nothing to show for it. Meanwhile, even my livejournal only gets updated a few times a month, and in terms of real writing I haven’t finished anything since I left university. I think I’ve trapped myself somewhere between being too timid to reveal anything, and too scatty and lazy to neaten it up. Obviously I need to train myself to lower my standards – possibly by the tried-and-tested technique of working my way through a bottle of vodka before pressing the send button. Better still, I could get into the habit of writing things that don’t need to be reread before I post them – i.e. not leaving sentences trailing off into nothing, and avoiding cryptic comments everywhere.

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