Another bit of shift-silliness – 6pm-2am yesterday, then starting work at 9am today. But all in a good cause – I’m getting a free meal out of Jagex this evening. I’ll probably get along to WUS sometime after that.

But anyway, back to the weekend…

I think everyone involved was a bit surprised that I managed to meet ioerror on Saturday. The only contact we’d had was through lj comments and a couple of very cracky phone messages, and I’d never met him or any of the people he was staying with. But once I’d deciphered the directions and made my way to Hampstead, it turned out I was walking into a full thanksgiving meal (thanks,Travis), with a bunch of interesting US expats.

Fortunately ioerror is a very easy person to talk to, and the other guests were fascinating as well. Conversation swerved from computers to politics to philosophy and back again – nice to talk to people who are well-informed about more than one thing:) There was a constant clicking of cameras – leading to one picture of me that I quite like, and plenty of others

Then (and I wasn’t expecting this either), myself and ioerror went to Slimelight for the night. Given the number of times I’ve ended up not going there with various CamGoths, I guess it was about time I went. I love the chance to go and dance until 7am – which you just can’t do in Cambridge. And also the anonymity of it. One of the great things about the Calling is that everybody knows everybody, but that also makes it horribly claustrophobic and political at times.

I’d also never realised how close Slimelight is to King’s Cross. Why on earth have I been staying in London, or getting the last train back, when I could have just danced until the first train on Sunday morning?

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