The obligatory ooh! holiday! post

While I’m sat here – yes, I did go to Malta at the weekend. And yes, it was paid for by Jagex (which could have some small connection to me being in a better mood with them today).

Yes, it was fun – mainly because I got to do lots of things that are nice to do once, but I would never have done if left to my own devices. That covers the five-star hotel, and the trip to the casino (euch! full of zombie-women at slot machines! don’t want to do that again!), and the general lads’ holiday aspect of it (most people spent most of their time getting drunk inside two blocks of the hotel). Malta itself is pretty much in that category of ‘things I liked, but wouldn’t want to do again’. Lots of nice old bits – but nothing that you’d want to spend more than a few days looking at.

hmmm…that came out a lot less enthusastic than I’d expected it to. It


great, just not any more great than you’d expect from when I said ‘free weekend in Malta’.

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