10 things I’ve done that you may not have

Yoinked from whotheheckami

1. Been interviewed on a South African radio station

2. Kept pigs

3. Got a free vacation in the USA by playing Dungeons and Dragons

4. Had an essay published in a book with Kurt Vonnegut and Naomi Klein

5. Taught English in a building opposite Red Square

6. Been analysed in a writing course at an American university

7. Worked for a Count, shared an office with a Lady, and been to a party in a room previously occupied by Byron, Andrew Huxley and James Clark Maxwell (not at the same time)

8. Translated the newswire for the (now privatised) former Soviet ministry of propaganda

9. Caused a security alert at a US military base, and been praised for it by a dozen MPs

10. Carried an artist’s portfolio for a month, as part of a tenancy agreement

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