Church of Noise

I haven’t posted anything abut the Indymedia party on Saturday, partly because I was hoping somebody would have some photos to show you how unbelievably amazing the building was. There are some pics here, but you can’t see much in them.

So you’ll have to believe me: this was the most amazing venue I’ve ever seen. It was a squatted church on Tufnell Park Road. Big round hall, looked absolutely stunning. And so much better because it was being put to good use, and full of happy dancing people.

Good crowd of people too, despite the infuriating activist love of reggae. It’s not that I have a vendetta against reggae, I just wish there were a bit more variety. And something louder would have gone even better with the venue.

Hmm…doesn’t work without photos to show you. Never mind. In other news, off to see Sam and Sarah tonight, then Jingles or wherever else people are going after the 2nd xmas dinner.

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