The Guardian don’t really explain their reasoning on this, but apparently an “Unemployed lorry driver living with his wife and three children in inner London, paying £320 a week rent” stands to lose


from the cuts.


Great article about the lifetracking movement — finding the call to arms buried unconsciously deep within the movement.

Eric Boyd, for example, cobbled together a buzzing compass that attaches to his ankle and vibrates when he faces north. Tracking his orientation has translated into an intrinsic sense of direction, he says.

Alien Tort Statute

The Alien Tort Statute provided a roundabout method by which US corporations could be sued for their actions abroad, including by non-US citizens.

The US courts have just closed that loophole, in their usual style of walking backwards into significant legal changes. The Second Circuit court of appeals has ruled that the Alien Tort Statute applies only to individuals, not to corporations.