Anonymous take down

This is a pretty impressive success for Anonymous, taking down a very prominent site.



In an attack it is calling “Operation: Payback”, a group of online activists calling themselves Anonymous appear to have orchestrated a DDOS (“distributed denial of service”) attack on the site, bringing its service to a halt for many users. Attempts to load are currently unsuccessful.


Interestingly, this is sandwiched half-way between being a mass action, and being merely the work of a small, elite group of hackers. I’m not sure what system they’re using, but the ‘distributed’ element of the DDoS almost certainly comes from thousands of /b/tards running some code on their own machines. For that matter, it could well be that a bunch of them are sitting on and hitting refresh. 

Mastercard statement: “MasterCard is experiencing heavy traffic on its external corporate website – We are working to restore normal speed of service

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