Data Liberation

Gah! I’m frustrated trying to figure out how to back up all the data I have splurged across the web.

Is there a service that will do it for me? That is, a backup system set up to work with the backup options of all the big sites I use (LJ, blogger, facebook, delicious, etc). Let me just click an ‘export LJ’ button, have them slurp out the data using whatever half-baked interface is available, and either let me download the data or store it online for me.

I’d pay a fair amount for such a service, and I’m sure many others would too. It’s an obvious idea. So where is it?

by the way, the Facebook ‘export my data’ option is excellent, once you find it. Gives you all, for instance, all your wall posts since you joined the site — so you can search through and find what it was you said to somebody a year ago, should you need to.

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