Following a conversation with lavendersparkle yesterday, I’ve decided to start using more filters.

I don’t currently use many filters at all. There are a couple for semi-confidential work-related things, and one to separate the Russian livejournals from the ones belonging to people I actually know. I also have a filter for frivolous memes, which consists of friends who post that kind of thing themselves.

I’m mainly adding an angst-filter so that I can post grumpy things without worrying about looking like I’m angling for hugs, and to prod me into moving more things across from my private diary.

So, there will be an angst filter. Who wants in?

Also, has anybody come up with a way to make posts public, without having them appear on my friends’ friendspages? It seems silly to inflict things like Cambridge event announcements on friends in America, but at the same time there are lj-less friends who I’d like to be able to see them.

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