writing down last week before it’s too late

…and back another day, to a very very pleasant Friday – the usual goths in the evening, but also a reunion/wander round Cambridge with uisgebeatha (doesn’t meeting somebody you knew four years ago give you an immense sense of getting older?). Her friend in Corpus has the most stunningly beautiful room, which makes me pine for those bits of stereotypical Cambridgeness – and it was quite enjoyable trying to keep up with her geek-talk (much easier than mjg59‘s!).

Between those two, went to a talk on climate change, organised by the Cambridge eEarth First Campaign, who despite their name are a CUSU campaign rather than a network of hairy vegan green anarchists. This was unexpectedly good: the room was so full we had to move out and sit on a lawn in Kings (yay!), and all three speakers were good (double-yay!). In particular David Howarth was there, and he’s come on impressively as a public speaker since I last saw him talk over a year ago. Clearly being an MP gives you the arrogance you need to talk in public.

Oh, and Thursday night before that was an excellent get-together of inactive activists with food and grass and political ramblings. What’s not to like?

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