…and finally I have time to tell LJ about it all

It’s another “too lazy to write properly, but don’t want to forget what I’ve been doing” update.

Yesterday was writinghawk‘s barbeque, in which I learnt to play Go very very badly, discovered yet again that mjg59‘s geek-talk is stunningly incomprehensible, met claerwen, remet James (not something I had expected to ever happen), whinged at far too many people, and was unnecessarily nasty to at least one (sorry!). This may have some connection to me going home afterwards and deciding to create an angst filter. Beforehand, I spent the afternoon having one of those incredible dreams that makes you reconsider great swathes of your life. I may write a separate post about it if I can do it justice.

The previous day was the great atreic/emperor wedding ceilidh. Not having been to a ceilidh [1], I had the usual feeling of “How have I been alive 22 years and not got involved in this?”. All that was interspersed with simont-like musings about the social-engineering aspects of organised dance. writinghawk: your rant about music makes a lot more sense when transposed to be about dancing, no?

This is getting long – I want to write about Friday and Thursday too, and about that dream, but I’ll leave it at this for now

1: well, I think I remember one barndance, but that was almost a decade ago and I wasn’t paying attention

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