Art Speigelman, interviewed by Molly Crabapple

Molly Crabapple has a great interview with Art Spiegelman. Some favourite bits:

style is the residue of trying to do it right

By their nature, [comics] are not respectful. As a result, a lot of wild shit comes through. Even when people are trying to do pro-Assad cartoons, there’s all this stuff that leaks out. Because his version of the public narrative of what he’s about is too dissonant with the actual narrative.

I find it very hard to submit work because of [fear that editors won’t like it]. Like I would rather set up a system where I have enablers.

Instead of editors. It’s like, “OK, you want to do something? Here’s some space. Do it.” Now it’s not practical. I’ve been an editor. You can’t run a railroad that way.

I get it but I have a very hard time fulfilling my part of it, which is submission. “Here! Take me! I’m yours!” I can’t do it.

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