Syrian kidneys

Syrian refugees are selling their organs in Lebanon, according to Der Spiegel:

Abu Hussein said that in the last few months he has driven 15 or 16 kidney donors – all of them Syrians aged between 14 and 30 – to the secret clinic masquerading as a residential building. The clinic has the most modern medical equipment and doesn’t want to limit itself to kidneys. “I’m currently looking for someone who has an eye for sale.”

Der Spiegel claims the going rate for a kidney is $7,000; according to Middle East Monitor it is just $670. The latter also cites a WHO guesstimate on the size of the market:

There is no exact information on the size of this business, but the WHO estimates that there is at least 10,000 kidneys sold worldwide, a large proportion of which originate in Lebanon; around 10 per cent of organ transplants around the world are such commercial transactions.

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