Can I post a quick, angstfree LJ puzzle?

I don’t usually like linking without explanation, but I’ll make an exception for this, which should appeal to the inner geek in all of you. Plus Prufrock and Hamlet, mangled for rachelfmb and emmav to enjoy. Here’s a sample:

I recognized large, arbitrary changes. “Odd”, I thought. “Why?” To research, I headed downstairs, muttering softly, “Hmm”.
I hastened below carefully, there revisiting my book room. Books inhabited each table, shelf, and nook. Taking Cambridge Literature Treasury and proceeding to “Poetry, Poe’s”, my fears – oh my God! – heightened. Sighting no Raven but The Dark Bird, severe distress arose. “Absolutely, The Raven is maimed!”, I exclaimed. “How?!”
Immediately arriving upstairs, I posited a conspiracy: a literature alteration conspiracy. “Are,” I did quietly question, “all writings changed?”

I have a sneaking suspicion that the really geeky among you (yes, that means the Mau players) have already read this, and devised your own more intricate versions. Am I right?

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