Creative Hive: so senseless things happen

Hungering for a picnic_meme outside Cambridge, or a mass pillow fight outside San Francisco? Trying to recreate a zombie flash mob, but can’t find enough fellow undead? Or do you plan to take zombies global?

Inspired by a 40-foot puppet elephant walking through London? Wanting to walk the length of the London Underground? Accompany adventurous plastic ducks?

Didn’t hear about some of those? Heard about the rest too late, and wished you could have joined in?

Maybe you should join creativehive, a community to bring together people who wish interesting things would happen in the hope this this will cause interesting things to happen.

verlaine, who created it, explains why here. And the name? Because, as onyxblue1 points out, using a hive-mind to break out into individual creativity is a fairly odd concept in itself. Please propagate, and then come do silly things with me! The first suggestion is a game of hide-and-seek across London.

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