2:1, 68.4%

Yes, it is irritating to know that it could have been a 1st if the grades were distributed differently between papers, or if I’d got 1% extra on one of them. But a 2.1 is a Good Thing, given that last time round I missed a third by about 1%.

Painfully Cambridge anecdote: A Christ’s fellow objecting to student representatives on the college council, since they’d be “oversexed young men with three testicles”

Bonus cambridge-ism: going to get my breakdown from my Dos, and being served the same wine he’d put on for the queen a fortnight ago. This is the advantage of running the college wine cellar, although perhaps it’s also proof that he’s not much of a monarchist.

Triumph of feminism: The same Christ’s fellow regularly eating a sumptuous meal in college, and then going off to drink port, often by himself. All the while he left his wife in the car outside, eating sandwiches.

Retalliation: I have quite a reputation for not returning library books on time. My DoS, in his infinite wisdom, decides to go through his email and read out all the fines I’ve been given, and all the emails from the librarian grumbling about me

Perverse complaint: Am I the only person who ever gets annoyed when they do *too* well? My history paper was a joke. I didn’t have a single supervision for it, only wrote two complete essays over the year (and didn’t show them to anyone), and screwed up two of the three essays in the exam. I very obviously deserved a third. And yet, they gave me a 2.1 for the paper. This is ridiculous, and proves that arts students really can bluff it all without working. Bah!

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