Spain news part 2: the blogs

The Bad Rash seems like one of the better English blogs in Barcelona. Most posts have some meat to them, and it’s nice when a blogger shares your political/cultural prejudices. He also has links to plenty of other expat blogs in his sidebar.
Of these, From Barcelona concentrates on culture and expat life. Drink Barcelona is a bar guide, unsurprisingly. Catalonia Blog and South of Watford cover politics. This blog mixes Spanish and Scottish politics; this one concentrates mainly on Catalan nationalism.
Of the international networks, Metblogs and [Gridskipper]( are absent, but [Unlike]( and [Spotted by Locals]( make up for that.

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Thanks for the link! My wife and I are currently embroiled in property related enstressments, and is bearing the brunt of this. I’ll try to get back to it soon. There’s a hell of a lot of corruption news from Catalonia that I haven’t even touched on yet.

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