Following Georgia online

Here’s a rough online reading-list, of places to follow whatever happens in Georgia in the next few days



There aren’t so many English-language blogs in Georgia: [Tbilisi Calling]( and the newish [Tbilisi Blues]( are worth mentioning, though.
There is also a very promising project by journalism students at the Georgian School of Public Affairs, who are [covering]( the protests. See particularly the blogs by [Sherqqizi](, [Salome Kasradze](, [Vusula Alibayli]( and [Ketevan Vashagashvili]( So far these only have a couple of posts each, but the quality is pretty good.
[Global Voices]( and [Registan]( are useful when they cover Georgia, which is not all that often. [Here]( is the Global Voices roundup
[@zhvania] lists [some](, [of]( the [forums]( with discussion of the demonstrations.
No sign of much on Twitter so far, despite the tweeting from Moldova
Edit: Georgian twitter has, in fact, suddenly got going in the past day or so. #tbilisi seems to be the most common hashtag. @dv0rsky, @anano are in Georgia, @lingelien and @zhvania from outside. there’s @govtofgeorgia for the official line and @civilge for news. [all in English; there is a little Georgian-language action too]

Background and analysis

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