Scavenger Hunt

I’ve never got into the habit of blogging about things I’m working on – largely because they tend not to have a public face, and/or to be confidential in some way.
[Here]( is an exception. It’s a scavenger hunt, built by the folks at [edgecentric](, with a chunk of my code somewhere in its bowels:

This is our version of a web-managed Scavenger Hunt. Sure you’ve seen lists to go after, but never before have you competed live against other players from around the world! If you are having difficulty with what a Scavenger Hunt is we suggest you read the entry at Wikipedia.

In our version, we send you a text message to your phone with the current item to ‘hunt’. Once you get your message – you go off an get the best picture of the item. When you have your shot, you then email it to us!

Once we receive your image we’ll put it in the ranking system and everyone will start scoring its quality against other contributions.

Unfortunately it’s US-based, and I’m not, so I haven’t been able to try it out (alienated labour, huh?). Still, nice to know it’s out there.

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