Travel now fixed: I’ll be back in the UK again May 13-18. Other than sashagoblin‘s birthday on the Friday, my plans are pretty empty (Bifest is on the Saturday, which I am considering). As always, suggestions gratefully received.

I’ll then be spending 2 days in Dublin, largely because the flights ended up cheaper that way.

In other news, it’s perhaps a little unfair that the police are being called murderers for shoving Ian Tomlinson around just before he died – but in the context of police being apparently pretty rough with protesters, who can be surprised that somebody ends up seriously hurt.

Meanwhile there’s a big protest in Moldova, which is some confusing overlay of youth/age, pro/anti-Romania, and internationalist/nationalist, plus poverty, anger at a fair(ish) election won by an obnoxious government, and a decent dollop of geopolitics. In Georgia, the opposition are about to try and bring down the government, with a decent chance of success. And in France, universities are two months into a strike (longest since ’68), but nobody seems to have noticed. Interesting times.

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