Racism in the Mail

Some more from Nick Davies’ Flat Earth News, this time him being particularly damning about the Mail:

Perhaps I have been unlucky, but hI have never come across a reporter from the Daily Mail who did not have some similar story, of black people being excluded from the paper because of their colour. A district reporter told me he would call up from Manchester to tell the news desk a story, ‘and they would always ask: “Are they our kind of people?” i.e. “Are they white, middle class?” Or more often it would be: “Are they of the dusky hue?” And if they were of the dusky hue, then they didn’t want the story.’
I mentioned this to another reporter, who has spent several decades on the Mail, and he immediately named the senior news executive who was most keen on the ‘dusky hue’ euphemism. And this is not a thing of the past. While I was writing this book, I spoke to a local news agency who had just had the Daily Mail news desk on the phone, checking out a murder on their patch and asking if the victim was white or black so that they could decide whether they wanted the story.

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