Obsessions of the year

I’m not writing a summary of what I did this year – it’d be dismally short, if not just plain dismal. Instead, I want to record some of the little things I spent a couple of days getting excited over, but mostly didn’t write much about here.

January: I honestly don’t think anything excited me in January; as far as I can tell, I spent the entire month moping around feeling sorry for myself.
February: Crusties. Ginsberg. Jared Diamond. Penny Red
March: Art. China: Wang Hui and other writers, and hours spent reading Chinese websites with google translate and a character dictionary. Jorn Barger, uncomfortably.
April: Edith Sitwell. The soul of man under Socialism. An intense and inexplicable obsession with bananas in art.
May: Naomi Klein. Naomi Wolf. Virginia Woolf. Cosma Shalizi (well, I’m always obsessed by Cosma. But this month in particular).
June: Tax havens. Economic history. Art history.
July: Marionnettes. Neukölln. Erik Davis.
August: Manga. Work-spaces.
September: electronic music. Mental health. Grant Morrison (again; always)
October: Situationism. Chinese foreign policy. Berlin.
November: Couchsurfing
December: Cooking. German grammar. Who knows what else – there’s almost a week left.

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